Accelerated Transport Moves it all.

We provide reliable and affordable transporting services throughout the United States.

Our Services Includes:

Dedicated Fleet Services

NGL Service

Hazmat Services

Crude / OilHauling

Chemical Hauling

Fuel Hauling

About Accelerated Transport

Accelerated Transport offers a team of highly qualified professional drivers and staff who are committed to leaving our customers especially satisfied. We are dedicated to continuous improvement of not only our products and services, but also our relationship with customers and the safety of our employees. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction as well as a safe environment for our drivers and staff, operating and gained exceptional experience since 2011.

0Million Miles
Traveled Annually


Accelerated Transport is one of the best in the industry in terms of safety. Our company receives national recognition from various insurance providers, customers, and trade organizations for numerous safety and personnel safety achievements.

The safety of our employees and the public is our utmost priority. Our safety record and performance is based on our foundations: screening, safety training, supervision and response speed.


Our professional standards for screening involves rigorous testing and selection of all drivers prior to hiring. We implement a controlled substance testing program which meets and exceeds all DOT requirements to ensure that we have trusted personnel working for our company.

Safety Training

We have one of the highest standards of environmental quality and OSHA and PEC regulations. Our drivers go through comprehensive safety training at our corporate offices and being though by professional driver trainers with safety in mind.


Our Managers provides strict daily driver supervision. We always conduct observations to assure that our units are being operated safely by our personnel. With a reliable vehicle and strong employer safety programs, our top notch supervisions assures maximum road safety and awareness.

Response speed

We are on time and maintain the highest standards in safety and environmental quality. Accelerated Transport’s detailed emergency response plan with fully trained emergency response teams that has complete compliance with all federal, state and local regulations with regards to environmental management.


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